Fast Delivery

We send our SMS at lightening speed…after all time is money.


Large User database

Our Database of phone numbers cover different locations ( down to LGA’s and Gender)

Award winning customer care service

Our award winning customer care service is always willing to assist you through any hurdles you may encounter.

Plans and Pricing

We offer our clients the most affordable SMS pricing plan in Nigeria for as low as 0.90kobo/SMS and we deliver to all GSM networks at 1 Unit per message to all Networks. Our pricing plan affords you the opportuinity to pay less as you buy more SMS units.

There is no minimum unit, you can buy as low as 1 unit of SMS and as much as you desire.

1 – 5000 units

  • Access to 2 free TEST units.
  • Regular Updates
  • Premium Technical Support
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5,001 – 100,000 units

  • Access to free % TEST units.
  • Regular Updates
  • Premium Technical Support
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1,000,000 units and above

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  • Access to 10 free TESTING units
  • Regular Updates
  • Premium Technical Support
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Before now, i have tried numerous bulk SMS providers and to be honest i wasn’t satisfied with their service. But with Fastsms4u, my Buk SMS Campaign went well and my sales increased!! ”

Esther Nanlop

C.E.O, Exquisite Confectioneries Ltd

“SMS marketing is gain grounds as a new method to drive both sales and traffic to any website. My first experience with Fastsms4u, was superb and i am impressed…I will surely do more business with you guys. ”


Web Developer, blogger., Roviars Guide

” Unlike other internet marketing strategies, SMS marketing is the most  veritable with low bounce rates, when compared to Email marketing. Fastsms4u through their fast SMS delivery have proved this to me. ”


Joseph Afolabi

Sales Manager, Jo-ey Adverts Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways can i buy SMS units?
You can pay through the following means:

1. Direct Bank Deposit

2. Online Payment With a Naira Debit Card (ATM Card)

3. Etranzact

4. Internet Banking

Do SMS units expire?
SMS units do not expire, that is, there is lifetime SMS validity. You can thus buy as many as you want at once.
Is there a minimum limit to SMS units i can buy?
NO. You can buy as low as 1 unit of SMS and as much as you desire.register.
You can buy any amount of unit you desire. Check the pricing table above.

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