SMSC solutions:

   RSL SMSC is a highly scalable Store and Forward Platform for Operators & SMS Aggregators. For better performance, it is architected to make a First delivery attempt and undelivered message are stored and retried. The architecture provides high performance throughput per Server and provides seamless scalability both vertically and horizantly.

  It comes with a flexible framework to enable different functional modules as per the needs of the mobile Operators. Multiple services like SMSC, Spam control, Bulk Messaging, etc. can be co-hosted on the same framework.

Beside P2P traffic, system can also be used as Application SMSC handling A2P SMS as well and exponential growth of A2P traffic.

It supports a suite of messaging service features to cater to the needs of the operator, subscribers and 3rd party application service providers. It comes with a user-friendly interface for carrying out system provisioning and maintenance through browser access. Wide ranges of Alarms and Statistics / Reports (GUI based) are supported by the system.


Benefits of RSL SMSC

  • Configurable Validations based on Origination and Destination Parameters
  • SMPP interface Supporting Multiple Sessions
  • Variety of Message Formats
  • Configurable Destination Rules
  • Flexible Message Routing (Redirections) based on configurable Origination / Destination parameters.
  • Error Based Flexible Retry Mechanism.
  • Subscriber Profiling and Personalised Services
  • MNP support
  • Flexible configuration of DSR’s
  • Configurable CDRs
  • Application wise Flexible throttling
  • Spam Control Features ( Spoof, Spam and fake check )
  • Traffic Reports and Application Reports
  • Event Tracker and Online Traffic Viewing Tool
  • Legal interception



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